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9 Strange Travel Insurance Claims

From rental car accidents to lost baggage, a variety of concerns can come up while you’re traveling. Below are just a few unique circumstances that have befallen vacationers around the world – but the one thing they all have in common? They had great travel insurance.  Visiting a tropical locale? Look out for falling coconuts […]

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What to Expect In a Life Insurance Exam

If you are reasonably healthy with no preexisting medical conditions, it is likely that your best bet for getting great life insurance at a low rate is to take a physical exam. This exam determines if you are prone to illnesses that would make you a higher risk to insure, such as diabetes, heart disease, […]

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Why – and How – to Insure your CBD Business

Businesses launching a new product line face many barriers to success. From product development and testing to building and implementing a go-to-market strategy, many basic steps can feel impossible to reach. And for hard-to-insure businesses, like those in the CBD or hemp industries, it can be even harder. Here are just a few reasons why: […]

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How to Handle a Parking Lot Accident

Parking lots are considered one of the most dangerous places to drive for a reason. With limited visibility, crowded spaces, and mediocre signage, parking lots are hot spots for fender benders on a daily basis. When an accident happens in a parking lot, there are typically three characters who have an important role to play […]

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Should You Insure your Computer Repair Business?

If you provide computer repairs or consulting, you know firsthand the value clients place on both their digital assets and electronic devices. From handling personal information to the potential for hardware damage, you take on significant risks every time you agree to a job. So should you insure your computer repair business? Though you probably […]

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