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What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

A commercial umbrella policy, also known as additional liability coverage, is designed to protect your business against liabilities you can’t plan for — like lawsuits. Though these scenarios seem unlikely, they can place your business at significant risk if it becomes the target of a lawsuit. Not sure if this additional coverage is right for […]

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How Marriage Can Change Your Insurance Needs

You already know that marriage will change a lot of things in your life. When you say “I do” you are combining your entire world – and often your home – with someone else’s. Among the changes that come with married life are adjustments you should make to your insurance coverage. Home & Property If […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Insurance

If you are one of the 40% of Americans living on the East Coast, it’s likely you’ve been in the path of a hurricane before. Though they don’t always cause serious damage, hurricane insurance is one of the best ways to prepare. Here’s everything you need to know to help you make the best decision […]

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You may think that the only parents who need life insurance are working parents, but that isn’t exactly correct. A stay at home parent is more than just a mother or father. These individuals wear many hats: tutor, chef, chauffeur, housekeeper, caretaker, and more. The true value of these duties is priceless, but the economic […]

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Musical Instrument Insurance

If you’re a musician, you’ve already invested lots of time, energy and money into your craft. One of the biggest investments you can make is in your instrument and equipment. When music is your livelihood, your instruments should be protected just like any other business tool. Whether you’re a music teacher, part of a local […]

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