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What the new federal healthcare regulations mean for your small business

The fall season means open enrollment for many healthcare plans. Medicare Advantage enrollment began October 15, and individual market coverage enrollment begins November 1. However, recent changes in federal regulations may impact you, your small business and your employees’ options for healthcare. The biggest change is that employers are now able to set up Health […]

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How to Get Your Home Ready For a Safe Halloween

Witches and ghouls are scary for the kiddos, but as a homeowner, you know that the real terror of Halloween lies in vandalism, lawsuits, and liability claims. Use these tips to make your home and belongings safe on Halloween night, both for you and your spooky visitors. Be All In or All Out Trick-or-treaters expect […]

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How Smoking Affects Your Health Insurance Premiums

You are probably aware of how smoking can affect your health, but do you know how it changes your health insurance premiums? Determining Factors Health insurance premiums are determined based on five factors: age, location, plan category, number of dependents, and tobacco use. Insurance companies define tobacco use as the use of tobacco products (cigarettes, […]

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What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

A commercial umbrella policy, also known as additional liability coverage, is designed to protect your business against liabilities you can’t plan for — like lawsuits. Though these scenarios seem unlikely, they can place your business at significant risk if it becomes the target of a lawsuit. Not sure if this additional coverage is right for […]

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How Marriage Can Change Your Insurance Needs

You already know that marriage will change a lot of things in your life. When you say “I do” you are combining your entire world – and often your home – with someone else’s. Among the changes that come with married life are adjustments you should make to your insurance coverage. Home & Property If […]

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