4 Things to Know About Child Daycare Insurance

Whether you run a small daycare service from your home, have a larger operation, or anything in between, your business needs are unique. Although it can be an incredibly fulfilling role, childcare can present a significant number of opportunities for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Fortunately, getting a quote to cover this range of concerns has never been easier.

1. General Liability Insurance does not cover all injuries incurred on your premises

Though minor scrapes, bruises and even germ spreading are often expected by parents, more severe incidents, especially involving equipment or toys owned by your business, can leave you liable for covering treatment.

2. Most mothers in North Carolina go back to work when their babies are only 3 months old

In the state of North Carolina, maternity leave laws allow for 12 weeks. Of the mothers who take additional leave, more than half of those are back at work within a year. Demand for daycares is continuing to grow, which is great news for you and your business, but an additional consideration when you are considering insurance options—because younger children are at a higher risk for certain diseases.

3. Your employees are not automatically covered in professional liability insurance

When working with children, it’s important to consider adding abuse and molestation coverage to protect both the children and your business.

4. Transporting children may require additional insurance

If you plan on offering pickup and drop off services, or even taking occasional field trips as part of your childcare program, remember that insuring the business and premises does not include coverage for business-owned automobiles (or any incidents that occur when you or a member of your staff are driving).

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry—our quick form can help you determine the best coverage for your small child daycare business in just a few minutes. Get your quote.